Loveseat Sling (2 Pieces)

$138 each set. Replacement Patio Sling Fabric Insert for your Love seat Glider. Includes 2 slings. Custom made to your measurements for a perfect fit. Choose from over 100 top quality replacement sling replacement outdoor fabrics. Price includes new sling rod or plastic spline.



Replacement Fabric Sling For a Loveseat Glider (you recieve 2 slings)

  • Custom Made to your measurements for a perfect fit.
  • Choose from over 100 top quality replacement sling fabrics.
  • Includes New Sling Spline or Sling Rod
  • Paito Sling Fabric is hemmed on all 4 sides with rod pockets on the left and right for new sling rod.
  • Take measurements from the ottoman frame according to our sling chair frame measuring instructions.
  • Price includes 2 slings for the loveseat. Enter Qty 1 and you will receive 2 slings.

Replacement Patio Furntiure sling for Loveseat or Loveseat Glider. Order a set of replacement slings for your two-piece glider loveseat here. Price is for two new replacement slings.  Enter a quantity of one and you will receive two fabric slings for your loveseat glider. This product will work for both stationary or rocker style sling gliders.  The shape of the glider frame does not matter. Please measure your outdoor glider according to our instructions. A glider should be measured like a one-piece chair sling. Measure both sides of the glider. They should be the same. Our replacement slings are custom made to order according to your measurements. No need for an original part number or model. All replacement slings include new plastic sling rod or spline. Your new patio chair sling is sewn with double seams on all sides with heavy duty outdoor thread. Please see link below for current lead times. Choose from over 100 quality outdoor patio sling fabrics. Give your patio furniture new life with a great high-quality replacement sling.



Replacement Fabric Sling For a Loveseat Glider (you recieve 2 slings)

  • Custom Made to your measurements for a perfect fit.
  • Choose from over 100 top quality replacement sling fabrics.
  • Includes New Sling Spline or Sling Rod
  • Paito Sling Fabric is hemmed on all 4 sides with rod pockets on the left and right for new sling rod.
  • Take measurements from the ottoman frame according to our sling chair frame measuring instructions.
  • Price includes 2 slings for the loveseat. Enter Qty 1 and you will receive 2 slings.

Replacement Patio Furntiure sling for Loveseat or Loveseat Glider. Order a set of replacement slings for your two-piece glider loveseat here. Price is for two new replacement slings.  Enter a quantity of one and you will receive two fabric slings for your loveseat glider. This product will work for both stationary or rocker style sling gliders.  The shape of the glider frame does not matter. Please measure your outdoor glider according to our instructions. A glider should be measured like a one-piece chair sling. Measure both sides of the glider. They should be the same. Our replacement slings are custom made to order according to your measurements. No need for an original part number or model. All replacement slings include new plastic sling rod or spline. Your new patio chair sling is sewn with double seams on all sides with heavy duty outdoor thread. Please see link below for current lead times. Choose from over 100 quality outdoor patio sling fabrics. Give your patio furniture new life with a great high-quality replacement sling.


Replacement Sling Installation Instructions for a One Piece Patio Sling Chair 

This is a tutorial of a basic replacement sling installation for a one-piece patio sling chair. Your installation may vary as no two patio sling chairs are made the same. Installation of replacement slings is not without risk. Injury may occur during a sling installation or furniture may be damaged in the process. For this reason, we recommend professional installation as the best option when at all possible. Not every patio sling chair is installed in the exact same way. This patio sling installation tutorial is just a guideline to help you through the sling installation process. If you need some assistance or some basic moral support, just give us a call. Our sling installation experts have done and seen it all. We are here to help you through the sling installation process.


List Of Basic Tools For A Patio Replacement Sling Installation

  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Watered Down Dish Soap in a Spray Bottle
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Spouse/Significant Other/BFF for assistance

  • Take careful note of how your patio sling chair comes apart. If you own a digital camera it would be beneficial to take photos of your patio chair before disassembling.
  • You MUST completely disassemble your patio sling chair to install the new sling. You can not install the new sling by just loosening the bolts that hold the rails to the frame. The rails must come all the way to make installation easier.
  • Please do not compare the size of your new sling to your old sling. The new patio sling will seem like its too small. Do not worry. The patio sling fabric has tons of stretch to it. If you follow our instructions, the sling fabric should end up tightly stretched across the patio chair frame. We understand that it does not seem logical for your new patio sling to be a bit smaller than your old one. We got this! Promise! Your old sling fabric has stretched beyond its limits and is probably dry and brittle. The new sling has a ton of stretch to it. Some patio sling fabrics have more stretch than others and we take that into consideration when we determine the cut size and final size of your new replacement slings. Might take a little elbow grease and your BFF, significant other, or a local handy man to get it installed, but we know you can do it. Call us if you need some guidance. Our sling installation team is ready to assist!
  • Kindly try to INSTALL before you CALL


Reove the Old Plastic End caps on the Patio Sling Rail

IMPORTANT! As we mentioned, you need to disassemble your patio sling chair to get the new fabric patio sling installed. 

Using a flat head screw driver or pliers, gently remove the plastic end caps from both ends of the sling rails. Be careful when removing your old end caps, they are often dry, brittle and break easily. Chair Care Patio has a wide selection of common patio sling rail end caps that you can order to replace your current sling rail end caps.




Remove the Old Sling Material from The Patio Chair Frame

The easiest way to remove the old s icky patio sling is to slice it down the middle using a utility knife or heavy-duty scissors. If you choose not to destroy your old slings by cutting them in half, unbolt both sling rails before proceeding.

IMPORTANT! No need to keep the plastic sling rod or spline. Your new patio chair slings include new supple sling rod as part of the package. You old sling spline is likely too dry and brittle to reuse again. It will be very hard to rethread the spline into the sewn rod pocket of your new replacement slings. 

It is not uncommon for the sling to be wedged inside the sling rail. Using both hands, break the sling free by pushing it back inside the sling rail. Due to the weight of the body sitting on the old patio sling fabric, the fabric and plastic sling rod has become wedged up to the top of the opening of the rail. This in combination with dirt and debris, makes the edge of the sling fabric feel sort of glued in place. To help loosen the sling and fabric, spray some watered-down dish soap, like Dawn or Palmolive along the entire length of the sling rail. Give the soapy mixture a couple of minutes to work its magic. It needs some time to absorb into the rail and start dissolving the dirt and oils that are sticking to the fabric. 






HELPFUL TIP! If the old patio sling fabric is being stubborn and does not want to detach from the sling rail, break the fabric loose with a flat head screw driver. Push the patio sling fabric down into the sling rail with the flat end of the screw driver.



The old dirty fabric should slide out the bottom end of the sling rail with ease. Grasp the sling by hand or using a pair of pliers and strip it from the sling rail. Have someone hold the patio sling chair in place while another person pulls the old fabric out of the rail. Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!



Remove the Bolts from the sling rails.

IMPORTANT! Keep your hardware for the reinstallation process.

The sling rails are what holds the edges of the new patio sling fabric along with the plastic rod or spline that is threaded into the rod pockets on your new patio sling.

One or both of the sling rails will be attached to main body of the patio sling chair frame with bolts. The bolts go through the sling rail and it the chair frame. Using the appropriate tool, remove all bolts (typically 4-6) from the patio chair frame. If your bolts prove difficult to remove, spray them with a penetrating oil (Liquid Wrench, NAPA 6300). The oil will help to loosen any rust or corrosion on the bolt. Let the oil soak for at least an hour before proceeding. Save bolts and any other hardware for reinstallation. If your bolts are bent or rusty it is a good idea to replace them.

IMPORTANT! – Do not force the bolt out of the frame. You risk breaking the bolts and possible stripping out the threaded inserts, which will result in additional repairs to the frame.



Insert the Sling Spline or Plastic Sling Rod

The new replacement slings will be shipped without the plastic sling rod or sling spline installed. Insert the sling spline in to each side of the sling. The sling spline will be longer than necessary; do not trim away the excess until later in the installation process. If you are having trouble inserting the sling spline, try sharpening the end in a pencil sharpener. Insert the pencil into the opposite end of the sling or the end you are pushing toward. The pencil or pen will be pushed out the end by the sling spline and not get caught on the inner hem. Tah Dah! Sling spline installed. Happy Patio Sling Customer. 



Insert the new replacement sling fabric and spline Into the Sling Rails

Before sliding the sling into the rail, make sure the rails are in the same position as they were before they were removed. Slide the fabric through the sling rails making sure to keep the tag at the top of the chair as this differentiates the top and bottom of the sling.



Start the Bolts through the sling rail and into the patio chair frame.

Place the sling rails with the newly installed sling onto the chair frame. Line up the holes and finger-tighten all of the bolts.

IMPORTANT! Do not tighten the bolts all the way. You want to work your way around the chair and tighten each bolt a little bit at a time, so the bolts tighten into the sling rails as the same rate. DO NOT fully tighten the bolts at this time.

DO NOT Tighten on side of the sling rail all the way!!!! You will never get the sling stretched to the other side!!!!




Tighten Bolts

Starting with the bottom of the chair, pull the sling until it is even with both sling rails. Once the sling is flush with BOTH sling rails, tighten only the two bottom bolts. This will keep the bottom of the sling tight and in place.

This step is AFTER the hand tightening process described above.


Stretch the Sling Material from the top and bottom

Eliminate any wrinkles left in the bend of the seat by stretching the fabric upward. You can use a pair of pliers to help stretch and pull the fabric through the sling rails. Careful not to pull so hard that you tear your sling fabric.


Note: It may be helpful to use a pair of clamps to hold the fabric as it tends to slip back down the sling rail. If you do not have clamps available, having someone to help with this step may prove useful. Position yourself behind the chair. Using pliers, stretch the sling upward to the edge of the sling rail so that both fabric and sling rail are even. At this point, use clamps or have someone hold the sling in place while you tighten the remaining bolts. The sling should now be tight and free of wrinkles.


Install Spreader Bar

If your chair was equipped with spreader bars they must be reinserted. Flip your chair upside down being careful not to scratch the arms. Try bending the spreader bar over your knee just enough to allow the spreader bar to fit in to place.

If you cannot bend the spreader bar, a spreader tool will be needed to spread the slings rails apart allowing room for the spreader bar. If needed a spreader tool can be ordered from this website.


Cut Excess Spline and Re-Install End Caps

Cut all excess sling spline with scissors or pliers and re-install end caps into sling rails by carefully tapping them in with a rubber mallet.

Note: Please try to install your slings before calling. New slings install snug and a certain amount of pushing and pulling is necessary to get the proper fit. If you are having a lot of trouble please consider purchasing one of our spreader tools.



Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Slings

Are there types of slings you don't make?

our sling shop does not make slings for chairs with spline that runs horizontal as opposed to vertical. These chairs typically have a curved top and tapered seat bottom. These chairs have proven to be complicated both in the manufacturing and installation process. We have also found that there is no standard sizing with these types of chairs and getting them properly the first time is next to impossible. No two chairs are the same! Most of these chairs were purchased at "big box" stores and can typically be replaced for less than the cost of repairs. Do not send us an old sling to use as a pattern. This does not work either. We suggest that you do not invest the time or money in repairing this type of furniture. We've learned the hard way here at our Dallas sling installation facility. Please take our advice. These chairs are VERY difficult to repair. Here are a few pictures of chairs styles for reference.

how to read measurements

How do I measure my furniture for new replacement slings?

Measuring the frame is the most important part of the replacement sling ordering process. You will find detailed measuring instructions with pictures that explain how to accurately measure the patio chair or patio chaise lounge frame. Most replacement patio chair slings are inserted into a rail that is subsequently bolted to the frame of the patio chair or chaise with bolts. Imagine a center line running down the middle of that rail. We need you to measure from center to center on the top and bottom of the chair as well as the length. To make a new replacement slings, we need three measurements from the patio chair or chaise lounge frame. If you have a one piece patio sling chair, 3 measurements will be required. If you have a sling style chaise lounge with a separate piece of material for the top and bottom of the chaise lounge, 6 measurements will be taken on the chaise lounge frame. Please measure to the closest 1/8". 
slings slings slings


This is not an accurate measurement as slings can stretch and change shape over time. Our sling shop will add the necessary fabric for seam allowances as well as the fabric inside the sling rail. We also take into consideration the replacement sling fabric you choose as certain outdoor sling fabrics stretch more than others. Please do not add anything to your measurements. You can find detailed instructions on how to measure for patio furniture replacement slings on our website in the how to section.


how to read measurements

I don't know my original model number or who made my patio furniture?

Don't worry! You don't need to know your original model number to order replacement slings from our sling shop. All we ask is that you take a few simple measurements on your chair frame. By measuring the actual patio chair or chaise lounge frame we can make a replacement sling that fits. When ordering by part number, you take the chance of ordering incorrectly. Our sling shop will take the frame measurements and add the necessary seam allowances as well as account for the material that is inside of the sling rail. Please see our detailed instructions on how to measure.

Can I send you my old sling for measurements?

Thank you but, no! Please don't send us an old sling for us to measure. It is not an accurate measurement. Old slings can stretch or bag out over time. If we measure an old sling, we take the risk of the sling being too big. We MUST measure the frame of your patio sling chair or patio sling chaise with the old sling installed. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that your new replacement sling will fit. The sling rails should be tightly attached to the frame. Please see our replacement sling measuring instructions for detailed information. If you are still unsure of how to measure, please call us and we will try to help you.


How long does it take to ship my replacement sling order?

Single layer replacement sling orders are processed in the order in which they are received. turn times vary by time of year and a sling order can take three to four weeks in peak season. If you have ordered during our peak production time please be patent. All our slings are custom made and as such must be manufactured on the spot. Shipping time with UPS ground is 3-5 working days. We do not offer expedited shipping on our website. Sling orders are processed in the order they are received. Please be patient.  During peak summer season, leads times may vary. Please plan ahead for any parties or events. During peak season we cannot accommodate rush orders. 

Are replacement patio slings hard to install?

Some people find patio sling installation a breeze while others find it a bit difficult. It's really depends on your comfort level with do-it-yourself projects using a few simple hand tools. On a scale of 1-10, replacement sling installation is about a 5 or 6. The average homeowner should have no problem disassembling their patio furniture and installing new slings. We provide some generic instructions on this website, which will give you a general idea of how patio chair slings are installed. Please read the instruction before placing your order to determine whether do-it-yourself sling installation is a project you want to tackle. Click here to find general information on how to install patio furniture replacement slings from our sling shop. Please be aware that there are some styles of outdoor furniture that sling replacement is very difficult or impossible for the homeowner. See the following sections of our website for more detailed information:

Do I need any special tools to install my new slings?

This truly depends on the type of furniture you have. In addition to some simple hand tools that most homeowners already have, Our sling shop offers a sling rail special spreader tool that can either be purchased or rented to assist with your sling installation.  The spreader tool allows you to spread the sling rails apart long enough to get the stabilizer or spread bar back in place at the back of the chair frame. This tool is adequate for the average homeowner patio sling installation. You can see how the small spreader tool is used by viewing our sling installation instructions. The spreader tool is available for rental or purchase in the sling section of the website.

What kind of material are replacement slings made of?

Designed for your distinctive life-style, our replacement slings fabrics meet the highest quality standards of the casual furniture industry. Our replacement sling fabric collection offers you colorful selections of stripes, solids and elegant jacquard designs to give your outdoor patio furniture a distinctive look and feel. Using only the finest in American-made raw materials, our outdoor fabric collection includes top quality sling fabrics that will be strong, long lasting and durable, season after season. Woven from all-weather, vinyl-coated polyester yarn, our replacement sling fabric collection is the perfect fabric choice for replacement slings as well as outdoor patio cushions and patio umbrellas. With over 100 beautiful colors and designs to choose from, our sling fabrics offer extreme durability, and endless choices for you to mirror your own personal backyard style!

How long with the replacement sling outdoor fabric last?

Most American made outdoor patio furniture manufacturers will give you a one year warranty on the sling fabric itself. The warranty usually covers seams ripping or flaws in the fabric. Warranties usually DO NOT COVER fading of the fabric. There is no way to give a firm time line on how long your sling will last as each customer will expose their patio sling furniture to different factors which can affect the life span of the sling material. It has been our experience that a quality American made replacement sling supplied from the original manufacturer can last on average 3-5 years. We have also seen some customers get as much as 8-10 years out of their sling material as well. The amount of exposure to the UV rays of the sun and how often the furniture is cleaned can affect the life span of the sling material.

Can I get sling fabric swatches?

We realize that colors are very difficult to view on your computer monitor. Our sling shop takes the guess work out of which sling fabric to choose by offering our replacement sling customer FREE replacement sling fabric samples prior to ordering. When viewing our replacement sling fabric collection, our website allows customer to order free replacement sling fabric samples. Replacement slings are NOT RETURNABLE due to incorrect color choice. So we strongly encourage you to order sling fabric samples in advance. Our handy online sling fabric sample request form makes it easy for everyone. Complete the information and select your sling fabric samples. (a limit of 4 please) We will get those out to you by US Mail ASAP! Click here to view our replacement sling fabric selection and order free fabric samples. Remember, this is a FREE service we offer and we will get your samples in the mail as quickly as possible.


Can't decide on a fabric choice? Is our free swatch just too small?

No problem. If you would like a larger swatch sample and are willing to pay $2 per sample, plus postage, we have those available too. Our larger samples, although not free, are 6" wide by 12" long and allow you to see a larger view of your fabric. Swatches are sent by USMAIL usually within 1-2 days of receipt of the order. You're welcome to order as many as needed. No limit.

Can you match my existing sling fabric?

Unfortunately most patio sling fabrics used by the OEM's are proprietary to their line of products. In other words, we are unable to purchase original sling fabrics on a bulk basis from the manufacturer of the fabric. They are the property and design of the patio furniture manufacturer such as Brown Jordan, Winston, Woodard or Agio. In addition, patio furniture manufacturers will discontinue sling fabrics from time to time. We therefore offer our own selection of top quality outdoor grade replacement sling fabrics. We are sure you can find something that will compliment your frame and outdoor decor. In addition, you are welcome to order FREE replacement sling fabric samples prior to order to ensure you are choosing a fabric that will complement the frame color of your patio chair or chaise.

Can I send you a piece of my old chair sling so you can match the fabric?

Please don't send us your old sling for fabric matching. It is unlikely that we have the original sling fabric offered by the original patio furniture manufacturer. You are welcome to order free fabric swatches from our website to assist you in choosing a new fabric.

Can I order the sling fabric by the yard so I can make my own slings?

All replacement sling fabric material is available for purchase by the yard and can be ordered directly on our website. See our outdoor fabric by the yard section of the website for more information. Each fabric is priced differently. The bolt width is 54". Please be aware that you must cut and sew your replacement slings before installing. Sewing requires a heavy duty sewing machine and needle. You will also need thread that has UV stability and suitable for outdoor use.

slingsDo I have to measure both slings on my loveseat glider?

It is best to take a few moments and measure both slings on a loveseat glider. It is unlikely that they are two different sizes. Ninety-nine percent of the time, loveseat glider slings will be the same size. Go ahead and measure just to be safe.



Are the replacement slings we make sewn on all sides?

The new custom made replacement slings you receive will have a 1" hem on the top and bottom and 1 1/2" hems on either side. We use a double needle seem on all 4 sides of the replacement sling material to insure a strong and long lasting seam. Replacement Slings made by Our sling shop use the best thread available. All of our slings are sewn with Solarfix PTFE threads, which have a lifetime warranty against deterioration. The thread will outlast the fabric and will not deteriorate in the sun. This thread is very expensive but we feel it's worth so we can provide you with a quality long lasting product. When we manufacture your new slings,  the left and right sides of the slings have a rod pocket or opening. When you receive your new replacement slings you will also receive new sling rod or spline. These plastics rods are what hold the fabric snug and tight inside of the sling rail. You'll need to insert the spline into the sling rod pockets in either side of the sling prior to installation. We don't recommend reusing your old spline as it's usually dried out and brittle.
slings slings

Is it worth replacing the slings on my patio furniture?

If you purchased better quality patio furniture from a specialty, patio furniture store, then the answer is a definite YES! Replacement slings from our sling store are cheaper than buying new furniture and an inexpensive way to protect your furniture investment. Our slings are usually less expensive than re-ordering from the furniture manufacturer. American manufacturers such as Brown Jordan, Woodard, Winston, Tropitone, Carter Grandle, Telescope, Summer Classicss are just a few of the better quality outdoor furniture manufacturers. The average price of a brand new sling style chair can range from $200 - $400 per chair. A replacement sling for $65 is well worth the investment. Usually the metal frame is in good condition and will last for many years if properly maintained. The replacement sling material will usually last 3-5 years on average and can easily and economically be replaced. Better quality patio furniture frames can also be refinished and extend the usability of your furniture investment.

If you purchased your furniture from a big box store such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Sam's, Costco, Wal-Mart or K-Mart or similar, the answer is NO and maybe YES. Furniture purchased from discount stores is imported from China. It looks great on the surface and the price is usually very attractive to the consumer. Many times, the cost of replacement slings from our sling store will be almost as much as the original price of the set.

Import furniture from big box stores will typically last a season or two before the slings deteriorate or some of the plastic parts start to break. The frames are typically made of powder-coated aluminum and remain in fairly good condition. The unfortunate thing is that there are no replacement parts such as slings, vinyl strap, cushions or parts available in the United States to fix import furniture. The furniture is brought to the states in ocean going containers and distributed across the United States. The importer/manufacturer did not intend for this furniture to be repaired. It was meant to be thrown away at the end of it's life. Most of it ends up on the curb on trash day. Perfectly good aluminum that could be recycled, ends up in your local landfill. The importer and big box store hope you will buy yet another set to replace it.

So instead of throwing away a perfectly good aluminum chair frame, you have the option of ordering replacement slings from our sling store. It may cost you close to what you paid for the set originally. Repairing and refurbishing what you have and not contributing to the local landfill is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Do I receive new plastic slings rods with my sling order?

slingsAll replacement slings from our sling store will include new sling rods or spline. There is no additional charge for sling spline. You do not have to order sling spline separately when ordering replacement slings from our sling store. The spline or rod is included in the price of the replacement sling. We highly recommend using new spline as the old spline or plastic rod is not as flexible and may have become dry and brittle with exposure to the elements. The new rods will be 7/32" in diameter and a bit longer than the length of your patio sling. The new rods will be soft and flexible for easy installation. Spline will not be installed into your sling. You will find it rolled up inside the package. You will need to install them along the hem of your new replacement sling when you begin the installation process. Here is a little hint: If you are having trouble threading the sling rod through the edges of the sling, sharpen one end in an old-fashioned crank pencil sharpener. The pointy end makes it easier to thread.

My plastic rods I received are not the same size as my original ones.

Each new replacement sling is sent with medium size sling rod which is 7/32" in diameter. This is the most common diameter used by patio furniture manufacturers. However, some brands of outdoor sling furniture may have used a larger or smaller diameter rod. If you need a different size rod, please contact us at 1-866-638-6416. We have 2 additional spline diameters available and would be glad to send whatever you need to complete the installation.

What if my patio chair or chaise slings don't fit when I get them?

We want you to be happy and successful with your replacement sling installation. Please call us if the slings don't fit properly. If we made a mistake, we will gladly make new slings without question. If your measurements were wrong we would gladly work with you to adjust the slings if possible. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with our products and service. We won't leave you hanging! We'll find a mutually agreeable solution if there is a problem with your slings.

I just received my sling and the length is not correct.

If your slings are too short or too long in length, please contact our customer service department at 1-866-638-6416. We can usually adjust the length as needed.  Please don't send your slings back without calling us first. We need to figure out what is going on first and if you need to return your slings.

My chair has a welded spreader bar in the back. How Can I Fit a New Sling?

slingsIf you chair has a spreader bar in the back that is welded to the frame and cannot be removed, please call us before you place your sling order. This will be a very difficult installation for the average homeowner and we do not recommend ordering replacement slings from us unless you have a professional experienced sling installer to assist you.

While the majority of replacement slings can be installed by the customer, there are a few that we strongly recommend you NOT try to install. Some chairs and chaise lounges have welded stabilizer bars at the back of the frame that give the chair back strength. The stabilizer bar cannot be removed making the installation and correct fit of the sling very difficult. We highly recommend that you not attempt this type of installation at home. Here in our shops in Dallas, we have the proper tooling and the ability to adjust the sling size on the fly, allowing us to install these slings for our local Dallas Fort Worth customers.

The rails that hold the edge of the sling fabric are on the top and the bottom and not on the right and left sides of the chair. And my chair has a slight curve at the top.

Unfortunately the our sling shop sling production and online ordering process does not allow for sling furniture that has horizontal rails. The rails of your chair or chaise lounge must be on the left and the right side when facing the front of the chair. This style of furniture sometimes proves very difficult to install for the average homeowner. See the images below. If your furniture looks like this DO NOT TRY TO ORDER SLINGS from this website. They will not fit.

slings slings

The sling fabric goes around to the back or side of the chair. The sling rail opening is not at the front of the chair.

On some higher end patio furniture like Brown Jordan, you will find the sling rail opening is on the side of the metal sling rail or at the back of the chair. Please do not order replacement slings form us if you have this style of furniture.  They are very difficult to install and our online measuring system will not be accurate. Please contact your local Brown Jordan dealer to order new replacement slings and ask for installation assistance.

slings slings

My sling keeps coming out of the rail around the seat area?

slings slings slings

We get lots of calls from frustrated customers asking why their sling is coming out of the sling rail near the curve of the seat at the bottom of the chair. This is a common occurrence with sling furniture. During the winter season, rain and snow can collect on the chair frame and puddle or collect at the bottom of the seat. The water migrates down into the sling rail with nowhere to go. It never drains out of the rail. When temperature drops below 32 degrees and begins to freeze, the water inside the rail turns to ice and expands the rail and aluminum outward, which widens the gap and allows the sling to work its way out of the frame.  Repeated freezing will cause stress to the aluminum sling rail causing it to stay in the open position. Unfortunately it's not possible to "squeeze" the aluminum rail back together. It usually doesn't happen to the whole length of the rail, just the bottom of the seat area where water collects. Sometimes the rail will widen enough that you can put your finger down inside. NOT GOOD! Please make sure you inspect your furniture for freeze damage before ordering new replacement slings. When you add the weight of the body sitting on the chair, this also adds stress to the metal.  You see this happen in the seat part of a chair or on the bottom half of a chaise lounge because this is where the water tends to puddle and stay with nowhere to go. Typically, the opening in a sling rail is about 1/4" wide. The picture set below compares a normal width sling rail opening to one that has had freeze damage and expanded to almost ½" wide. Please make sure you inspect your furniture for freeze damage before ordering new replacement slings. It might be time to buy new furniture rather than investing in replacement slings.

I don't see my fabric listed any more on the sling fabric selection.

Sling fabrics are periodically discontinued by the fabric manufacturer. We have no control over which fabrics are no longer available. Mid-season, sling fabric manufacturers will let us know which patterns are discontinued as well as new patterns that are added. Sling Fabric manufacturers have a stock collection that is available to the industry. It would be impossible for us to carry the entire stock collection. At the end of the year we look at available stock fabrics and decide which ones we will offer for our online customers.  If you are thinking about orders slings for your patio furniture, we highly recommend ordering everything you need at one time as you never know when a fabric will be discontinued.

I only need the bottom of my chaise lounge sling. Can you match my fabric?

Most of the time we can NOT match the fabric on your chaise lounge. Manufacturers of patio furniture usually have their own exclusive collection of fabrics that they offer. These fabrics are not available to us. We are working from the stock collection offered by the fabric manufacturers. You might find a sling fabric that is close to the color but probably not a dead match. The other problem is fading. Sling fabrics don't last forever and can fade over time due to sun exposure. If you look at the underside of the chair or chaise, you will see what the original sling fabric color looks like. We strongly suggest that you replace both the back and the bottom of your chaise at the same time. However if you don't mind having a mismatched sling, then you are more than welcome to order just the bottom or the back. You can order either from the replacement sling section of our website.

Can I make my own replacement slings?

Of course you can. All of our sling fabrics are sold by the yard on this website. You are welcome to give it a try. You will need to sew your replacement slings on all 4 sides using an outdoor thread and heavy duty sewing machine.

Can you install the new slings for me?

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we can certainly provide a turnkey service of new slings and installation. We also offer pick-up and delivery (for a fee) to our metroplex customers. See the North Texas Services section of this website for more pricing and information. If you live elsewhere across the country and need someone to install your new replacement slings from us, then try calling your local patio furniture store. They may know of someone in your area that can assist you. Our DIY instructions are easy to follow. Sling installation is something that a local handyman may be able to help you with.


What size spline or sling rod should I use?

Most of the spline used for standard sling chairs is our medium sized spline which is 7/32" in diameter. It's very rare that we see ¼" spline used for patio furniture. The smaller spline is also rarely used and mostly for one particular manufacturer of furniture. All of our replacement slings are sent using the medium sized spline. If you find you need something different, please contact us. We can help you determine what you need.

How many slings have you made? Do you guys really know what you're doing?

We have been making replacement slings for its Dallas Fort Worth customers and online customers nationwide for the last 10 years. We have been making and installing replacement slings for our local Dallas Fort Worth customers since 2004. We were the first online retailer to offer replacement slings on the internet. In addition we have over 400 patio furniture stores that purchase replacement slings at a wholesale level. In 2013, we cut and sewed over 60,000 replacement slings for our wholesale and retail customers. We know how to make a great quality sling.  We process so many replacement slings each season that we installed bar code tracking of orders to keep track of the vast amount of orders we cut and sew each day. We use A LOT of sling fabric. Each season we use close to 50,000 yards of replacement sling fabric from various vendors. So, YES, we know how to make and install replacement slings!

Where can I find this spreader tool that you mention in the instructions?


Make sling installation easier with our specially designed sling installation tool. This special tool is our exclusive design. The spreader tool allows you to spread the rails at the back of the chair so the tension or stabilizer bar can be reinstalled. The sling spreader tool also helps you stretch the fabric so you can tighten the chair rails back in place. Works for both chairs and chaise lounge sling installation. Rental includes the spreader tool and two clamps. Pay $50 for the tool when you place your sling order. Return the tool within 30 days of purchase to receive a $25 credit. Customer is responsible for return shipping to us.

How should I clean my slings after they are installed?

Keeping your sling fabric clean is the key to longevity! Pollution, dirt, body oils, suntan lotions, general debris, fertilizers from your yard and "special presents" left behind by local critters can make your new replacement slings and undesirable place to sit.  Take some time each month to clean your new slings and make them fresh and clean for you and your guests. Sling fabric is the easiest fabric to clean. Nothing special required. Just a soft scrub brush and some basic household cleaner like Simple Green, Fantastic or similar product. We really don't recommend using a bleach based product or dipping your furniture in the pool to rinse it off. Chlorine is a very harsh chemical and can dry out your sling fabric in combination with the UV rays of the sun and prematurely age the fabric. We really like the simple green product because it's a degreaser and its biodegradable. Just put your chair or chaise out in the middle of the yard. Spray it down with a garden hose, spray on a bit of cleaner and use the soft scrub brush to remove the dirt and debris. Rinse well and allow it to dry. Because the sling fabric is an open mesh material, the fabric should dry very quickly. Repeat every couple of weeks to keep your patio sling chairs clean and inviting.
slings slings slings slings

Is one sling fabric more durable or a better quality than another?

That is a great question. Probably one of the top questions we are asked each day. The answer is very simply NO. All of our sling fabrics are made by one of 4 manufacturers. The same sling fabric mill that all the major patio furniture manufactures in the USA use for their sling fabric. We are all buying from the same place and offering the same quality replacement sling fabric. Our patio sling replacement fabrics are made in the USA and are not substandard or quality. Our fabric is NOT the same as the fabric you find on sling furniture that came from China. 
Most sling fabrics use the same basic content, a PCV polyester thread, which in simple terms is plastic. The weaving method may change, and some fabrics have an added Olefin fiber to create the texture or Jacquard design, but the basic content of the fabric remains the same. We tell our customers that you will not get any significant life span from one fabric to another. How long your sling fabric lasts depends on how you take care of it and under what conditions the furniture is exposed. All sling fabrics are meant to be exposed to the outdoor elements and the UV rays of the sun. But nothing lasts forever. If you live in the south (like our Dallas customers), the sun is very strong and destructive. Most of our Dallas customers get 3-5 years out of a sling fabric in the Texas sun. Furniture manufacturers will not give you more than a 1 year warranty on your replacement sling fabric when you buy new. They can't. So rest assured that no matter which fabric you choose, it is the best quality available.

slings slings

Is one sling fabric harder to install than another?

The straight forward answer to this is YES! The thicker the fabric, the more difficult it will be to pull through the sling rails and stretch into place. For example, the fabrics in the Cane Wicker fabric are very thick and chunky. Those fabrics are a little more challenging to install because of their thickness. They are also much harder to stretch horizontally. Not impossible, but more challenging. By comparison, other thinner fabrics are more forgiving and can easily stretch across the frame during installation. Order free samples before you place your order for a better idea. YOU MUST STRETCH THE FABRIC to get your new sling installed.


Will any of the sling fabrics fade quicker than another?

A general rule of thumb is that darker fabrics will fade quicker than lighter. On the flip side, lighter fabrics will show the dirt quicker. It's a toss of the coin! Just keep your slings clean and they will last longer. And No, there is nothing you can spray onto the fabric to make it last longer.

Can I get a matching umbrella using sling fabric?

YES, if you look at our umbrella section of the website you can order matching umbrellas in sling fabrics. Only certain frame styles are available as the sling fabric can get very heavy and only certain frames can support the weight. If you are looking for a special umbrella size or feature, just call us. More styles are available than we show on the website. All patio umbrellas are custom made to order. They are MADE IN THE USA, by American workers. Please don't compare the price of our umbrellas to those found at big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, Sam's and Lowes. Not the same. Those products are NOT made in the USA and you get what you pay for.

I know the Sunbrella name for Outdoor Cushions. Do they make a replacement sling fabric?

slingsSunbrella outdoor fabric is well known in the industry for its solution dyed acrylic fabrics for outdoor cushions and awnings. Sunbrella does make some sling fabrics but not that many compared to other manufacturers. We offer Sunbrella sling fabrics in our sling collection. You can see which fabrics are made by Sunbrella in the free samples section of the website. We also offer PREMIUM replacement slings using 10 designer grade exclusive sling fabrics made by Sunbrella. If you are looking for a unique design and set yourself apart for your friends and neighbors, then the premium collection of sling fabrics from Sunbrella is just for you.

Can I use a Sunbrella cushion fabric for my replacement sling?

No sorry, the Sunbrella Outdoor Cushion fabric is not suitable for a single layer sling application. It is not designed to hold the weight of the body when installed in the chair frame. Sling fabrics are specially designed to be stretched tight and not give under the weight of an average person.
Sunbrella cushion fabrics can be used if you are making a new outdoor cushion or a padded sling. If you need some additional information about fabric choices, please feel free to call or e-mail with your questions.



Can I put a cushion on top of my replacement slings?

Why not? We have some great Add-A-Pad cushions specially designed to fit on top of your patio sling chair or chaise lounge for added comfort.
slings slings


Can I use single layer slings for my Homecrest Patio Furniture?

No it will not work. DO NOT ORDER single layer replacement slings if you have Homecrest furniture. Homecrest uses a double layer sling that it kind of like a pillow case. The frame of the chair goes to the inside of the double layer sling. Homecrest replacement slings are ordered by part number NOT by dimension. Please call us if you have any questions about what to order.

Who makes the replacement sling fabric that you use?

There are 4 major manufacturers of patio sling fabric in the USA. Phifer, Twitchell, Sunbrella and Batyline which is made in France. These are the only fabric manufacturers.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions not covered in the above information, please send an e-mail to We are glad to help.


We sell slings for just about any type or brand of outdoor furniture. We can do this because we make each sling to your exact measurements. We do this because we have found that this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit, every time. Just follow the directions below and use your results to place your order.

How To Measure A Chair For New Replacement Slings for a one piece patio sling chair.

Each patio furniture replacement sling we produce is custom made to your dimensions. No two chair frames are alike. There is no "industry standard" chair size so measure each chair carefully. Take a few minutes to inspect each chair frame for problems such as damaged rails, broken bolts, rusted bolts and stabilizer bars that are welded at the back of the frame. Repair any problem areas before ordering.

All patio chairs and chaises must be completely disassembled to install new replacement slings. Measurements should be taken while the fabric is still installed in the chair frame and all bolts are tight. PLEASE DO NOT MEASURE THE OLD SLING! The old sling has stretched over time and is not an accurate measurement. Our slings will not fit if you use measurements from the old sling. You must measure on the frame with fabric installed.

Click Here to download a PDF version of the One Piece Chair Measuring Instructions listed below.

Click Here to download the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Measure for custom outdoor furniture slings.

Step 1 Identify The Sling Rails

The sling rail is what holds the fabric in place on the chair frame. Every replacement sling has an open pocket on each side along the length of the sling. Plastic tubing or spline is then inserted into the pockets on each side of the sling. The replacement sling and spline are then inserted into each sling rail. This is point just before the fabric begins to disappear into the sling rail.

When measuring the width we ask that measurements be taken at the CENTER OF THE RAIL. We realize there is additional fabric inside the rail and we account for this when making the new sling. Our replacement chair slings can stretch ½"-1" when tightened on the chair frame. Sling fabrics are designed to stretch when installed on the frame.

we do not manufacture replacement slings with horizontal sling rails

Slings We Do Not Make

Please note that we do not manufacture replacement slings with horizontal sling rails. This type of furniture usually has a separate top and bottom sling. The top sling will have horizontal sling rails and the bottom sling is usually tapered at the front of the chair. If you have this type of furniture DO NOT order replacement slings as they will not fit your frames. They are also very difficult to install.

Step 2 - Measure Top Width

Take a measurement about 5-7 inches down from the top of the chair frame. Most chairs have a natural tendency to fl air out at the very top but it's usually not necessary to account for this. Use a soft tape measure and measure from center of one rail across to the opposite rail. Measure to the nearest 1/8". When in doubt, round up to the nearest 1/8". Record this measurement.

measure sling about 2-4 inches up from the bottom

Step 3 Measure Bottom Width

Next measure about 2-4 inches up from the bottom. A good place to measure is at the final set of bolts on the chair frame. In most scenarios the bottom width should match the top width, but it doesn't have to so it's always best to measure just in case. When in doubt, round up to the nearest 1/8". Record this measurement.

Step 4 Measure Length

When measuring the length of the sling rail start your tape measure at the very top of the sling rail where the end cap meets the metal frame.

You will need to measure every bit of the aluminum sling rail from the very top to the bottom carefully following the contour of the sling rail. Use these three measurements when ordering replacement slings on our website.

Note: If your chair has a slight taper of a quarter inch or less from top to bottom, keep in mind that this is most likely due to the natural movement of the sling rails.

We recommend that our customers provide one overall measurement as often as possible as most chaise frames are made square with the exception of a few with evident tapers of a half inch or more.

DOUBLE CHECK YOU MEASUREMENTS BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER! Replacement slings are non-returnable and non-refundable if made to your specifications. Make certain that the measurements you provide are accurate before placing an order. Remember the old saying "measure twice, cut once." All measurements should be made to the nearest eighth inch at all times. Do not make any adjustments to the measurements that you take. Our sewiers will add the necessary seam allowances for the length and width.

NEED HELP? If you are not sure how to measure your old patio furniture cushions, please contact us. We will gladly help you through the measurement process.

Please call to find out our lead time for custom made replacement slings, During peak season March - August, lead times may be longer than usual. If you are having a party or event, please plan ahead. We do not accept rush orders.

Find a great new Patio Sling Fabric and give your patio sling furntiure an update.

  • Click on the link below to view the entire replacement sling fabric selection
  • Choose from quality replacement sling fabrics from Phifertex, Twtichell, Sunbrella and Batyline.
  • Order FREE Patio sling fabric samples before you order find a fresh new color to update you existing outdoor patio sling chairs and chaises.

CLICK HERE for FREE patio sling fabric samples

All About Replacement Slings

All About Replacement Slings For Better Quality Outdoor Patio Furniture

WHY Chair Care Patio makes the best patio furniture replacement slings.

Better quality outdoor patio sling furniture should be repaired refreshed and updated rather than tossed to the curb and into the land fill. If your patio furniture frame is in perfectly good shape but the fabric mesh is worn and torn, then why not consider making and installing a new replacement sling? Chair Care Patio can teach you how to measure the frame of the chair and install a new fabric replacement sling on your outdoor patio chairs and chaises. Our huge outdoor mesh fabric selection gives you the opportunity to not only repair your patio sling chairs, but to give them a brand new fresh look. All replacement slings are custom made in our sewing shop in Dallas, TX. With a few measurements from your chair frame, we can custom sew a new sling or fabric insert. Follow our basic installation instructions to install. Replacement slings are a great DIY project.

What is a patio chair sling?

Sling furniture is a style of outdoor patio furniture that uses a tightly stretch meshy outdoor fabric that is installed into the frame of the patio chair of chaise. The fabric sling itself is hemmed on all sides with a rod pocket on the left and the right. This fabric pocket holds a piece of plastic rod or spline. The edge of the sling with the spline is threaded down the length of the metal rails on each side of the chair. The mesh fabric is ultimately stretched tightly across the chair frame and will support the weight of the body. The industry calls this a sling, but some customers describe it as a chair insert or outdoor fabric insert. While sling replacement is not really considered an upholstery process, it’s very similar. Replacement slings are all about recovering or replacing the outdoor fabric on outdoor patio furniture.

Do you have new replacement patio slings in stock?

Each patio furniture replacement sling is cut and sewn to your unique patio chair measurements and the outdoor mesh fabric choice. Patio slings are not in stock and ready to ship. No two patio sling chairs use the exact same measurements. It would be impossible to stock replacement slings for all the various patio furniture brands made and supplied to stores across the country. No need to know the original manufacturer or model number of your outdoor furniture. If you can measure the patio sling chair frame according to our instructions, we can cut and sew a new replacement sling to fit.

Holy Cow! New slings cost more than I paid for my chair or chaise lounge!

To replace and repair or not to replace and repair your patio furniture? This is always the question. Our service focuses on repairing better quality brands of outdoor patio furniture typically purchased at a patio furniture store. Brands such as Winston, Woodard, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Agio, Mallin, Telescope to name a few. If you purchased your patio sling furniture at a big box discount store, then its most likely not economical to replace the slings. However, if your metal frame is in perfectly good condition and you just can’t part with your fabric patio chairs, then please take the time to refurbish and refresh your patio furniture and keep those frames out of the local landfill!



How kind of mesh material do you use to make new replacement slings?

Patio chair replacement slings are made of a unique outdoor mesh material that can be tightly stretched across the frame and still hold the weight of the body. Most outdoor patio slings are made of PVC material that is meant for outdoor use and has a good UV stability. Patio sling mesh fabric is easily cleaned and maintained and can withstand the rigors of the outdoor elements. We offer patio sling fabric from 4 major manufacturers. Phifertex is the largest supplier of outdoor patio sling mesh in the USA. Many of the outdoor furniture manufacturers use Phifertex on the furniture they manufacture. Another great US manufacturer of outdoor mesh material is Twitchell. They are known for their line of outdoor mesh called Textilene. Available in a great selection of beautiful patterns and colors, Twitchell Textilene is a quality outdoor mesh fabric for any kind of outdoor patio sling furniture. Sunbrella, most well known for their outdoor cushion fabrics, also makes a line of outdoor mesh for patio sling style furniture. The Sunbrella replacement sling selection is the definition of style and quality for better quality outdoor patio furniture. The other major manufacturer of patio sling mesh is Batyline. This collection is made in France and is used by many European outdoor patio furniture manufacturers. Batyline features bright and interesting colors not found in traditional patio sling fabrics. If you are looking for a unique look with a European flair, then sling fabric from Batyline is a great choice.

Can I get samples of the mesh fabric before I order?

Why yes you can! Order free patio sling fabric samples before you order. All samples are sent by USMAIL and are free of charge. When you’re done selecting, pass them along to your friends and neighbors to let them know how to make their patio sling furniture look like new. Click on the link below to order FREE patio sling fabric samples. Find the best outdoor mesh fabric for your new patio slings. Our FREE fabric sling samples are sent via US Postal service within 2-3 days of your request. Please plan for any party or event as lead times increase during peak season. We can not commit to an exact completion or ship date for new replacement slings.

Click Here for Free Patio Sling Fabric Samples

Can you match my existing patio furniture sling fabric?

Most patio sling furniture manufacturers have their own proprietary line of sling fabrics that are custom made and exclusive to their line of outdoor sling style furniture. This allows them to have an exclusive color and pattern of sling fabric that makes their line of furniture look different from the competition. Manufactures that make furniture for big box or discount stores, make the furniture in one color and ship the furniture in large container loads to the stores in the USA. In either case, the original fabric used on the sling chairs is not available to Chair Care Patio. We order fabric direct from the mills that make their fabric in the USA. We can order replacement sling fabrics from the fabric manufacturers stock collection. Therefore, we usually can not match your existing fabric. If you are looking for an exact match to your current patio sling furniture, then you’ll need to order direct from the company that made your furniture.

What kind of outdoor mesh fabric is used? What is it made of?

Much of outdoor replacement sling fabric is made of 100% PVC mesh. Some patio sling fabrics have a blend of PVC and Olefin as well. The olefin fibers give the fabric a softer hand to feel like a more traditional fabric. The fibers of the fabric are woven into various patterns and textures and colors to create a strong durable outdoor mesh that can be tightly stretched onto a patio chair or chaise lounge frame. Chair Care Patio offers replacement sling fabrics from Phifertex, Twitchell, Sunbrella and Batyline.

Is one patio sling mesh fabric a better quality than the other?

All patio sling replacement fabrics we offer are the best quality and made in the USA or in France. Our replacement sling outdoor mesh fabrics are made by Phifertex, Twitchell, Sunbrella and Batyline. Each patio sling fabric manufacturer has a similar method and use similar raw materials to manufacturer their outdoor mesh fabric goods. Most patio sling fabrics are made of 100% PVC or a blend of PVC fibers and olefin. Weaving techniques at the mill offer a variety of patterns and textures for replacement sling fabrics. One fabric will not be significantly more durable than another. The lifespan of a patio sling fabric depends on the amount of sun exposure and if the fabric is kept clean during the season.

Can I use any Sunbrella Fabric for slings?

You can’t just use any Sunbrella Fabric for replacement slings. You need to use a specific fabric designed for patio sling installation. Sunbrella offers a beautiful collection of sling fabrics. You can find them in our sling fabric selection. Each patio sling fabric is labeled with the name of the manufacturer. While Sunbrella is most well known for their beautiful outdoor patio cushion fabrics, they are not the largest supplier of sling fabrics in the USA.



Are patio slings hemmed on all sides?

All patio slings made by Chair Care Patio are custom cut and sewn on all 4 sides. The top and bottom are hemmed, and the left and right sides of the fabric are sewn with a hem and pocket to accept the plastic sling rod or spline that is inserted into this pocket. If you are making your own replacement slings, you must hem the outdoor sling fabric. You can not install a new sling without sewing the edges.

What is included with my new patio chair slings?

Once you have made a fabric selection for your new patio furniture replacement slings, your order will be cut to size and sewn on all sides. Replacement sling spline or sling rod is included with each order. Medium sized spline or plastic rod is included with each sling. Ninety percent of the patio chair slings made across the USA will use our medium sized spline. We don’t recommend reusing the old spline as over time, the plastic becomes very brittle and this makes it very difficult to re install into the new sling. Sling spline will come loose in the box. A patio sling chair will receive 2 precut pieces of sling rod or spline. A chaise lounge will receive 4 pieces. The sling rod or spline is longer that required and can be trimmed after the installation process.

What kind of thread do you use?

Replacement slings are sewn using a polyester thread with extreme UV stability. We use an industrial thread made by Coats that is meant to withstand the exposure to sun and chemicals. We use special double needle sewing machines that sew a double seam approximately ¼” apart to secure the fabric.



Can I send you my old sling to use as a pattern?

While it seems that is would be easy to just send us your old patio sling to measure, it doesn’t quite work that way. Measuring an old patio chair sling does not give us an accurate measurement. The old outdoor mesh fabric has stretched and lost its elasticity. If we make your new patio chair sling the exact same size, it’s likely that it will not fit correctly. Most likely be too loose. Please follow our instructions on how to measure for new patio furniture replacement slings. You need to measure on the frame of the chair with the old sling tightly installed. So please don’t send us your old sling to measure.

Do you have all the sizes for my furniture? Can I just tell you my model number?

No need to know the manufacturer or original model number of your patio sling furniture. All new replacement slings are made by measuring the sling chair frame for width and length. Measuring for new replacement slings is easy. Check out our print instructions as well as our easy to follow videos to learn how to measure any kind of outdoor patio sling furniture. Our unique way of measuring insures that your new replacement sling fabric will fit perfectly in your patio chair frame. Enter your measurements through the Chair Care Patio website, select your new outdoor mesh fabric and we’ll send a new sling custom made just for you.

How do I measure my patio sling chair or patio sling chaise lounge?

Chair Care Patio uses measurements from the patio chair frame when the sling is installed and tight on the frame. Please don’t measure your old sling. It will not fit. Our measurements ask you for the width and the top and the width at the bottom, and finally the length.

How To Measure For New Patio Sling Replacement



How to I order a new sling for my patio furniture.

Click on the link for slings and choose the style of furniture you have, to begin the ordering process. Our online ordering systems allows you to enter the measurements taken from the chair frame, choose a fabric and place your order. Do not send us your old sling to measure please. Follow our instructions and place the order through the website. The advantage of creating an account and placing the order online, is that you can track your order and find the status. You can also reorder new slings when needed as our online ordering systems keeps your measurements and fabric selection. We strongly encourage you to create an account and not to check out as a guest.

Can I order just the bottom portion for my chaise lounge?

Yes. You are welcome to order the bottom only for your chair or chaise lounge. However, we cannot guarantee that the fabric will match. Please order free patio sling samples before ordering.


What brands of outdoor patio sling furniture are the most popular?

We make replacement slings for better quality outdoor furniture for brands such as…Winston, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Troptione, Agio, Telescope, Summer Classics, Frontgate, Mallin, and more. Our replacement sling program is designed for better quality outdoor patio sling furniture purchased as a patio furniture store. If you purchased you patio furniture at a big box store such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Costco, Sears, Kmart, Walmart or a similar store, then you need to decide if repairing your outdoor furniture is an economical alternative to buying new. Sometimes, the cost of a new replacement sling is more than what the cost of the original furniture when purchased new.



Do you have the plastic caps or inserts that go on the end of the metal sling rail?

Yes! We do! This patio furniture replacement part is called a sling rail end cap and you can find them on our website under the replacement parts section. Most of our end caps are generic in nature and will fit a variety of patio furniture styles. Each end cap part number includes a detailed dimensioned drawing that shows the length, width and extrusion shape. The easiest way to find the sling rail end cap is to remove one from your patio chair frame and compare it to the products available on our website. You can find our sling rail end caps at this link…..


Do you have patio furniture glides or feet for the bottom of my patio chairs?

You bet! You can find a great selection of patio chair glides or feet for the bottom of your outdoor patio chair or chaise lounge. Browse our patio furniture replacement parts section to find the right type of glide or end cap for your patio sling furniture. We also

My swivel chair is not working. It’s tips over backwards. What can I do?

If your swivel base chair feels like it’s going to tip over backwards and no longer has any bounce, it’s likely that it’s time for you spring plates to be replaced. Over time, the spring plates, which give your chair the springy feel, will lose their temper and flexibility. Most patio chair spring plates are made of fiberglass, not metal. Patio chair spring plates can easily be replaced and is a simple DIY project to keep your swivel spring base patio chairs functioning properly. CLICK here to order new patio chair spring plates from Chair Care Patio. CLICK HERE to see how to install new spring plates for your outdoor patio swivel spring chairs.

CLICK HERE To see our entire patio furntiure parts selection



How long with my new replacement sling last?

The average life of the fabric for patio furniture slings is around 3-5 years. It all depends on how much sun exposure your sling fabric gets throughout the year. Keeping your sling fabric clean is also very important to the life span of the outdoor mesh fabric. Removing dirt, pollen, and body oils from the fabric by periodically cleaning your furniture will extend the life of your new patio slings. We suggest using cleaning products like Simple Green, or a similar product that cleans and degreases. All sling fabrics can also be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.

What it the warranty on replacement sling fabric? Chair Care Patio offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. We use only the best quality thread and fabrics. Warranty on fabric is by the specific manufacturer. Most patio sling fabric manufactures offer a 3 year limited warranty on the fabrics against fading and deterioration. ADD MORE MFG TEXT HERE

How should I clean my new replacement slings?

Patio Sling Mesh Outdoor fabric is so easy to keep clean and fresh. You can use a wide variety of basic cleaning supplies to keep your patio sling furniture looking clean and in top shape all season. The cleaner you can keep the outdoor mesh fabric, the longer it will last. Keep you fabric clean of pollen, dust, sun tan lotions, body oils, yard debris, birdie poo, doggie stuff etc….This in combination with the UV rays of the sun, will make your sling fabric fade and discolor. Hose down your patio furniture every couple of weeks with something like Simple Green, or an all-purpose cleaner. Use a soft brush to remove the dirt and debris from the weave of the sling fabric. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. To clean the metal frame of your patio furniture, we suggest using a cleaner wax combination that can be found at an auto parts store or in the automotive section of Walmart or Target. The finish on you patio chair frame is a powder coated paint finish. Over time, the finish will oxidize and look dull from the exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Just like your car, a patio chair frame should be cleaned and waxed to keep it looking bright and clean.



Can I turn my regular sling into a padded sling?

Most patio sling style furniture can be retrofitted into a padded sling vs a single layer sling. A padded sling is simply multiple layers of fabric with a layer of fiber padding in between to give it a soft padded feel. On the flip side, you can usually change your padded sling style patio furniture into a single layer sling. You can find more information on padded slings, how to measure and sling fabric selection by clicking here.

I have Homecrest furniture and it’s two layers of fabric. Can you make this kind of sling?

Homecrest replacement slings are made with two layers of fabric that are bound together with a binding edge of fabric. Replacement slings for Homecrest must be ordered by original part number, not by measuring the frame. If you have Homecrest furniture, do not order single layer replacement slings, they will not fit. Homecrest replacement slings usually have an opening or a pocket that allows the frame of the chair to be inserted into the fabric and secured. See our detailed section of the website for how to identify your Homecrest patio furniture for replacement slings, padded slings and replacement cushions. Chair Care Patio has most of the original part numbers and patterns for the most popular models of Homecrest outdoor patio furniture made over the last 30 years.

Can you add a head rest pillow to my sling chair or chaise?

Add a bit of comfort to any patio sling chair or chaise lounge with a removable head rest pillow. Chair Care Patio has several style options available to add to any patio sling chair or chaise. You can have a head rest pillow made to match most patio sling fabrics or have one made in a classic Sunbrella fabric for a pop of color and style. Add a small lumbar pillow to match and make your chaise lounge comfortable and stylish while lounging by the pool or relaxing in the sun. Click here for all head rest pillow options.

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